Sean Kneese

Podcast Host/Producer, Film Actor,Voice Actor, Audio Editor and Video Editor


Sean has developed his creative talents as a video editor, audio editor ,writer, podcaster, and actor. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Fordham University with a Master of Arts in Public Media in August 2018.


Since August 2013, Sean has been producing his own podcast, “BS'ing with Sean K,” where he interviews people who are pursuing their creative and intellectual passions. 


Some noted guests on Sean’s podcast have been Steve Hughes: Australian stand-up comedian, Jessie Bridges: singer/songwriter and daughter of the actor Jeff Bridges, Marissa Martinez: Metal musician and Transgender rights activist, Steve Ignorant of the U.K. punk band Crass,  Malak Mattar: Palestinian abstract expressionist artist (featured in Vogue magazine, GQ magazine and interviewed on BBC) , Pamela Kramer: casting director and producer, and Laura Daligan: artist and host of Psychic Today in the UK.

BS'ing temporarily aired on Radio Free Brooklyn for a period of time in 2020 as a weekly pre-recorded show. Sean is also the editor of another podcast "Tales from the Heart" for the Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Association.   He also edits videos for the Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy's website 4hcm.org

As an actor, Sean has played a detective on the I.D. Discovery Channel re-enactment series Grave Secrets  and has had leads in various independent films, voice overs and animated shorts. He also appeared as a perp named Carter Nicholas in episode 703 of  "The Good Wife". 

Sean has studied acting at the Barrow Group, HB Studios, and Actor's connection in NYC. He's also studied improv at the Pit and the Magnet. He has performed in improv comedy shows at the  Pit Loft and the Triple Crown Theater in New York, New York.  From early 2019 to 2020- Sean performed in a weekly improv team called "Folks About the Town" every Sunday night at the Triple Crown Theater in New York, New York. 

Sean also writes spoken word poetry, short stories, feature stories, songs and plays the bass. He has played in punk, metal and experimental bands over the years. He currently plays bass in an experimental instrumental jam band Pinkman and the Brain and  makes electronic and post-punk music with his project Insomniac A.D.



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Sean Kneese

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