Audio Editing samples

Samples of audio editing work i've done for my podcast BS'ing with Sean K, for the HCMA podcast Tales from the Heart and other projects. 

Audio Editing Sample 1

Clip of an audio bit I made on my friend Alexandra Rosario who is a professional actress from the Dominican Republic who has appeared in popular TV shows including Blue Bloods here in the U.S.

Audio Editing Sample 2

Clip of an episode from my podcast BS'ing with Sean K with my friend Jamie Theurich who is a children's musician, vegan and animal rights activist.

Audio Editing Sample 3

This is the contact info, announcements and sponsors segment I edited for the end of every Tales from the Heart podcast episode for the HCMA

Audio Editing Sample 4

Clip of the Tales from the Heart podcast I edit for the Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Association