• Sean Kneese


Everyone says yes: so I say no.

Everyone says no:so I say yes.

I criticize the sheep but I’m no different from them.

I’m just a member of a new herd that chose to change their fleece.

I am the new “individual”. I am the contrarian.

I complain about people with no principles, yet I have no principles myself.

I agree with anything that’s controversial.

If you disagree with me, you aren’t thinking for yourself.

If you were truly thinking for yourself you’d think like me.

I don’t trust the media, so I found my own “alternative media”.

I don’t like following the crowd, so I’ve found an alternative crowd to follow.

I don’t care about what’s right or wrong or what is truthful or false I care about what is edgy or different from the norm.

Anyone who doesn’t appreciate my edginess isn’t thinking for themselves.

Little did I know I’ve trapped myself into another form of group-think.

I say I don’t care what people think of me, yet I want everyone to know how much of a rebel I am.

When the current “counter culture” becomes the norm, I’ll jump on the next bandwagon.

What do I really believe in? Nothing at all.

I just wanted to impress you with how unique I am. I thought I was original but I’m the biggest poser of them all.

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