• Sean Kneese

The Creators

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Who are these ones who call themselves the creators?

Why don't they walk like us?

Why do they dance and sing?

Why can't they get back in line with rest of us?

Why do they try to fly?

Why can't they be like us: content without wings?

There is no need to walk above our heads when it is safe here on the ground . Perhaps we should medicate the creators. They can be no harm to us if they are sedated. If they are not complacent with our ways we shall make them complacent.

We fear what we cannot define. It is why we label those who walk their own path. We'd rather diagnose them with a disorder to help us feel more comfortable than listen to the words that they sing. It is because we are afraid to hear a new song in a different key.

But what would mankind be without those who dare to dance and sing in a different key? Those who walk in line fade into obscurity while those dance shine as a bright star in an empty sky.

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