Sean Kneese ACting reel 2019 

My updated acting reel. 

Sean Kneese voice ACting Samples 2019 

A more concise compilation of my voice acting samples/different voices I can do.


I star as Professor Ben Park in this Short film “Incognita” written and produced by Brielle Caroll and directed by Asha Rosemond

Sean Kneese Appearance on Elementary 

My appearance on Elementary Season 5: Episode 8: "How the Sausage was Made"  as a featured food taster.

"how to catch a goth chick" A Comedic Short 

I start as "Andrew" in this short entitled "How To Catch a Goth Chick" with Brianna Fernandez and Emma Campbell. I also perform an original song of mine entitled "Werewolf of New York City".

re-enactment of a scene from Whiplash 

I portray "Andrew" in this re-enactment from a scene from the movie "Whiplash".

911 delivery 

I did the voice of both Paul and the 911 Operator in this comedic short film.

"Poof" Voice Over Sample 

A sample of me reading for a commercial for Movie Gallery.